Press Kit


Six Cold Feet is a fiction anthology podcast about music, mystery, and the places we escape to when the real world disappoints us. Season 1 told the story of River, who is looking for his recently disappeared sister. Season 2 follows the story of Athena, who is hired to write a biography of her hero; the mercurial singer-songwriter Juliet Knives. She quickly discovers that Knives has been keeping secrets for many years, and that she might be finally ready to confess…

Starting with season 2, the show also features an accompanying soundtrack showcasing the music of the fictional musician featured in each season. Written by award-winning author and poet J.M. Donellan and performed by a cast including Melanie Zanetti, Kate Logan, Jessica McGaw, and Tom Yaxley this series will leave you pondering long after the final episode sings through your speakers.


Our first episode was released in October 2017, our show has been independently produced and distributed by Dead Eric Productions with the support of sponsors and our amazing supporters on Patreon. We are one of the few current scripted fiction series set in the modern real world. Our show is recorded in Brisbane, Australia. Rumour has it that everyone who has listened to and favourably reviewed this show has been blessed with a strange and inexplicable cascade of good fortune and blessings. While this can be neither confirmed nor denied, it’s probably worth checking this out for yourself, just to see what happens. 

Cast & Crew

Season 1 

Damien Campagnolo / Jessica McGaw / Tom Yaxley / Melanie Zanetti / Liam Soden / Robert Zosars

Written and produced by J.M. Donellan

Directed, produced and edited by Jessica McGaw (with editing assistance from Damien Campagnolo).

Season 2 

Elizabeth Best / Damien Campagnolo / Liam Soden / Jessica McGaw / Jenna Saini / Hayley Francis / Kate Logan / Melanie Zanetti

Written, edited and produced by J.M. Donellan

Directed and produced by Jessica McGaw

Music by Kate Logan, Scott Mercer, Adele Pickvance and Ash Shanahan

Recorded at the Edge, Queensland State library


“A hypnotically immersive story…Six Cold Feet has become one of my favorite recent listens.” Wil Williams Reviews

“The writing for this podcast is incredible, you will love every single second. I cannot wait for their next season.” – audiodramarama

“Smash the sh*t out of the subscribe button” – Aidan’s audio reviews

“My favorite part about this show is how the weird and strange sneaks up on you when you aren’t expecting it… This is cleverly constructed, well-acted. Give them a listen!Elena Fernandez Collins, Podcast critic

“This podcast is exceedingly well produced, with multiple character portrayals, sound effects, and narration. Headphones are highly recommended. Quite as captivating as if you were watching it on Netflix with your eyes closed.” – Ruby Fink, the Fictional Cafe